Mastermind by Design LLC is a strategic management company that believes in building real connections to grow ideas and take action to transform the future. 

We Design. Lead. Manage.

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard, especially when you don’t have the right people, knowledge, or resources to move forward.  We connect entrepreneurial leaders with a curated peer mastermind group experience designed to help you make faster, smarter decisions and achieve exponential growth.

We Believe Every Growth Leader Should Mastermind

At Mastermind By Design, we understand that navigating the growth of your idea, business, or project without a clear strategy can leave you struggling. We understand that not all mastermind groups are equipped to address the specific challenges you face. Often, they are hard to find, lack a tailored network of like-minded peers, or fall short in guiding you toward the future success you are meant to achieve. 

Our mission is to create more opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals and groups to experience a Mastermind -by design- that guides you to the elevated impact, influence, and success you deserve.



You’ll have direct access to a thriving community of ambitious collaborators who grow ideas and strategies, take massive action, and create new opportunities and solutions to achieve more impact, influence, and success. All experiences include:

Meaningful Connections

with a tailored group of peer mentors you can trust for advice, who will help you grow, keep you accountable, and support you every step of the way to achieve your goals – from start to finish.


[ Accountability Framework ]
A Clear Plan of Action

with proven strategies, best practice tools, models, and techniques, and customized resources to align goals and produce the measurable results you want – with more clarity and focus.


[ Strategic Framework ]
New Ideas & Solutions

by leveraging the diverse skills, talent, and expertise of peers with comparable success in their field to support faster, smarter decisive action - saving you time, money, and energy.


[ Action Framework ]
A Mastermind Community

access to an exclusive network to tap into for additional resources, insights, and support to think bigger and create new opportunities to partner and grow – your next move.


[ Extended Framework ]


Our Masterminds love new ideas, live in a world of possibilities, and see challenges as opportunities to grow and make things better.  They are problem solvers who seek to answer their own questions individually, but are accountable and understand the POWER of working it collectively.  They share their findings to help others and won’t rest until they have a solution. They are not passive—but bold collaborators effecting positive change in the world around them. They eye the competition, but run their own race.  Are driven to the edge, and then, they push themselves and each other beyond that edge.

Meet Your Champion

Hi, I’m Yolonda Thompkins, Founder & CEO of Mastermind By Design LLC.

I help ambitous, entrepreneurial thinkers and doers build meaningful connections to grow ideas and take action to get them to where they want to be.  And, I know from experience how challenging scaling up can be, leading at all phases of growth from $0 to $100M+ operations with people and process.  Also, having worked at c-suite and senior management levels at successful fast-growing social impact startups and turnarounds my entire 20+ year career, I come to realize this was—by design.

While pursuing an Executive MBA, I launched and then bootstrapped for over five years, The Black Mastermind Group Inc., building thriving communities of diverse entrepreneurial masterminds who had a desire to connect and help each other grow success (see testimonials here.)  Mastermind opportunities that my peers and I sought were hard to find in our networks, so I created one and loved it!  This was based on combining the talents and skills I gained in various national and international business, entrepreneurship, and social impact roles.

In doing so, I developed the framework that Mastermind by Design is built on – a company that supports entrepreneurial individuals and businesses to get the results they want. This has been my career and my passion. Let’s Collaborate! 

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